Laparoendoscopic Single Site Surgery Access Devices (LESS)

ASC’s LESS suite of access devices are minimally invasive, multi-instrument access devices that are designed to facilitate LESS. Many laparoscopic procedures can be carried out via a single incision in the abdomen, though usually through the umbilicus.
ASC have three LESS access devices to choose from, allowing the surgeon to choose the best device for intended procedure.

Why Choose Less

  • Surgery through and incision the size of a dime
  • It’s the natural evolution of surgery
  • Umbilical incision results in better cosmesis
  • Wound complications are reduced
  • Postoperative pain may be further minimized
  • Potentially faster recovery

TriPort + Laparoscopic Instrument Port

TriPort 15 Laparoscopic Instrument Port

QuadPort + Laparoscopic Instrument Port

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