LESS Devices

ASC’s LESS suite of access devices are minimally invasive, multi-instrument access devices that are designed to facilitate LESS. Many laparoscopic procedures can be carried out via a single incision in the abdomen, though usually through the umbilicus.

Pneumoliner USA

Pneumoliner is a first-of-its-kind tissue containment device that provides appropriate patients with a laparoscopic surgery option for hysterectomy and myomectomy. Pneumoliner is the first and only device that provides tissue containment during power morcellation.


Find out more about Regulatory Information about our products such as TUV SUD ISO Applied Standards well as EC Certifications for our Laparoscopic Instrument Port with morcellation containment system. All certifications are international accredited.

Guardenia™ Contained Extraction System

Guardenia™ is an all-new contained extraction system for extracorporeal manual morcellation use during Gynecological and other procedures. It is simple to deploy through a standard 12 mm trocar. The uniquely-designed guard...